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THE GHOST shares similar geometry and demeanor as its predecessor “THE GOAT” yet, not only is the GHOST lighter, stronger and stiffer, but it also offers more aggressive sizing options and improved tire clearance. Revised oversized chainstays keep the frame stiff, while the bottom bracket height is optimized for both grinding and cruising at ghostly speeds. Super short wheelbase,  yet never […]

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How long you been riding? ~I been on a bike my whole life 3 years freestyle fixed. How did you click up with the GRIME team? ~When Ed wonks came to San Jose I tried to show off all of my skills and boom I was put on the team! Whats in your future? ~My future is a […]

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So Devo, whats your government name? Devon Lawson And your christian name? I was never baptized so I wasn’t eligible for one of those things What do you do to prepare yourself mentally to do a trick you are scared of? I just think what would e-dolla do? Where do you currently live? San Jose,Ca How is […]

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Whats it like holding down the Grime? ~Hah, I am just really happy that Grime has grown to a point where we can now put-on new riders that we believe are pushing the sport in the best possible way for the industry. I know you are a main designer on all GRIME products, how does […]

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~CATS OR DOGS? Dogs ~WHY? They are mans best friend. ~TELL ME ABOUT SHADES Thats my best friend. Shes a partner in Grime. ~5.0 OR 50-50.  Fifty fifty. You thought i would be a 5-0 guy? ~FAVORITE MEAL? Not wingstop! Steak and lobster. what the fuck, its the best meal ever. ~CAN YOU COOK? I […]