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How long you been riding? ~I been on a bike my whole life 3 years freestyle fixed.

How did you click up with the GRIME team? ~When Ed wonks came to San Jose I tried to show off all of my skills and boom I was put on the team!

Whats in your future? ~My future is a bright one with all the great riders comming to San Jose

How do you feel about the fixed scene as a whole? ~There’s people for me to learn even more from! The industry of fgfs is still too small in my opinion and it’s important for all of us riders to push this sport into the spotlight.

Whats it like living in San Jose?  ~Living in San Jose is greater than great good spots to ride pretty ladies and yummy food I love it!

Whats your favorite trick? ~My favorite trick is slowly becoming the super bunny hop haha.

Wheres your head at? ~Lately my head has been in the books.

Whats your average day like? ~An average day goes like this wake up search for new edits online shower eat brush teeth if I got school I hop on my goat and let it take me there, if there’s no school I’ll let the goat take me to a nice ledge or a hubba.

Any last shouts? ~Shout outs to my grime fam of course Alex blanco, Devon Lawson, Matt Montoya, Christian hammer time, Wonka, Mike ts, Krillz, Da Kritsada, Ricardo Lino, lil gaybe and my dad!