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So Devo, whats your government name?

Devon Lawson

And your christian name?

I was never baptized so I wasn’t eligible for one of those things

What do you do to prepare yourself mentally to do a trick you are scared of?

I just think what would e-dolla do?

Where do you currently live? San Jose,Ca

How is that working out for you? Pretty good..I’ve been here almost all of my life haha I’m ready for something new

How often do you eat eggs? I eat eggs 24/7 it’s crazy

Whats your favorite trick to do and your favorite trick to see someone else do? Fav: bar spin. Fav to watch:anything with a smith in it

Thoughts on Grime? More of a family and not just a bike company I ride for…shit is I’ll

So you are the third rider on the Grime Pro Team, we know there is a Wonka pro bar coming out soon; Is there plans for a devon pro part?

Yup, there’s a stem in the works

Lil B or Lil Kim?
90′s lil Kim or throwback lil B? The question is deeper than you think….

Shout outs?


Carlos,Matt B,Matt monteezy,Alex blanco, ant combs,randeezy and anyone else out riding with us!