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Whats it like holding down the Grime? ~Hah, I am just really happy that Grime has grown to a point where we can now put-on new riders that we believe are pushing the sport in the best possible way for the industry.

I know you are a main designer on all GRIME products, how does that work? ~We all brainstorm, and figure out what we want or what we wish we had; and then we try out best to make it happen. I believe our frame feels the best because we have had the opportunity to figure out the geometry from the ground up. I have always loved design and am excited that now I am getting to work on things far past just screen prints. I still do the clothing graphics but I have also started to do our rough drafts of our hard goods (We have a WONKA pro handlebar coming out soon that I got to design with input from both Ed and Joe).

How long have you been riding? ~Like 3 years.

Whats in your future for 2012? ~Filming a lot more heavily, trying to push myself to learn more tricks and take them to new obstacles. To create parts that the fixed freestyle industry needs and to get more kids on Grime frames.

Tell us a little about your new home San Francisco. ~Well, I actually am living the double city life now. I recently moved my girlfriend into the hippie district of San Francisco and have been staying out there a lot. But starting in February I will be living inSan Jose with Christian Hamrick. He is a good friend and now a Grime flow team rider.

How do you feel about the fixed freestyle scene as a whole? ~I love it. Nothing in my life compares to the excitement I get when I see people push things to wild limits. I am hyped that 26″ wheels and positive bottom bracket height has become the norm. I just want people to have fun with it because its young, and having fun is the only way to build a culture into this still-new action sport.

Whats your favorite trick? ~Smith grind.

How you livin? ~Happily floating around the poverty line. Doing what I love with the people I love.

Whats your average day like? ~Wake up. Drink coffee. Sit on the computer and check the internet, Plan out my day, Then depending on the weather and others, either start designing, start riding or start smoking; Maybe all three.

Any last shout outs? ~KRILLZ, E.W., MY GIRLS, LINDY, SHADES, THE GRIME FAMILY, and all the kids riding because they love it.